Corkwood Knitted Trims are manufactured by us at our workshops in East Sussex.  Both the close rib trims and the tubular stocking stitch trims can be used in a variety of ways. Great for finishing raw edges and adding a really professional look to your knitted projects.  As with many of the other things we sell, these trims are multi-purpose and are suitable for all manner of craft jobs.

We have a variety of weights and finishes. The heavier weighted trims may be more suitable for heavier weight tasks including accessories and knitted upholstery and the finer yarns are geared for the more delicate jobs.  100% cotton is generally quite soft and when mixed with linen, it is much more textured to the touch. Mercerised cotton means a strong shiny.

There is a selection of qualities in our shop but please email us if you need something different or need to see samples. We have a large stock of different colours to feed in to the machines and would love to work with you!